What do you know about the Blockchain?

Have you ever heard the term Blockchain? Does the word sound familiar but can’t quite grasp what this is about? Learn about the Blockchain with Pete de la Torre and Sean O’Brien-Brehm, Founder & Chairmen of CrowdPoint Technologies.

Starting tomorrow, Pete de la Torre and Sean O’Brien-Brehm will talk about everything regarding Blockchain Technology.

Watch and introduction in Episode 4 and join them on their Blockchain Talk from May 5th.

Crisis force growth

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Every crisis brings new opportunities. They are available to all but hidden for most… Those that keep their curiosity alive, have a positive mindset and are open to new possibilities, will see them unveiled. And once they see the opportunities, there is no going back. This is the point where a few take the first step to become a force capable of changing the world…

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